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War in Sudan: a cluster bomb
30 avril, 2023 Leslie Varenne

One month after the announcement of the Iranian-Saudi peace agreement signed in Beijing, the first signs of appeasement in the Near and Middle East are visible in Lebanon and Syria, with a sustained diplomatic ballet between Arab capitals. After nine years of conflict, Yemen is preparing for peace, with an exchange of prisoners and the reopening of embassies between Riyadh and Sana'a scheduled for May 9. It is always a relief to know that a war that has caused so much death and suffering for so many years is coming to an end, even if the road to peace is full of obstacles. But  after this good news quickly came, on April 15, a new battlefield. Misfortune has been dispersed elsewhere, in Sudan, which was once an Arab-African giant before its southern part was amputated in 2011. Nevertheless, it remains a large, strategic country, a land of transit to the seven states that surround it and at a short distance from Saudi Arabia. If conflict settles in Khartoum, a terrible ripple-effect is to be expected in the region and far beyond...

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