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Israel/Gaza: a black scenario for the Biden administration
06 nov, 2023 Leslie Varenne

Joe Biden's term in office, which began with the debacle in Kabul, could well end with a widespread conflict in the Middle East. Between the two,  there was Ukraine, where no one would dare bet on a victory for Kiev and its NATO allies. A month after the conflagration started in Gaza, the Democratic administration finds itself in the worst possible configuration. It is caught between its unconditional support for Israel and the anger of the Arab public opinion, which takes it back to the hatred of the United States during the George W. Bush era. "We don't have to choose between defending Israel and helping Palestinian civilians. We can and must do both," said Anthony Blinken. However, the longer the Palestinian enclave is asphyxiated and bombed, the more dangerous this balancing act becomes.

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